Thursday, 8 July 2010


Late this evening my friend Iyke (not his real name) rang me for a chat, as he very often does. It was with mixed feelings that I picked up the phone when it sounded, because this was in the middle of Question Time, one of my favourite television programmes and I'd been looking forward to this programme all week.

But this was Iyke, my close friend of 30 odd years, and he wanted to talk. So QT had to be shoved aside for a while and Iyke got my full attention. You know how it is with old friends, both of us know things about each other that even our siblings do not know. And we have had the shared experience of daring escapades during our youthful years that provide us with much fodder for our idle chats, which as we have gotten older have become more frequent. Recently, Iyke has been having some personal problems and I've been like an agony aunt, a sounding board of sorts for his thoughts and ideas. We are really close like that and there is hardly anything about our lives that we would not discuss in confidence with each other.

Anyway, we had been chatting for a while when the conversation turned towards blogging and this blog in particular. Then in a typically Nigerian manner, Iyke said, "Ehen, I see your comment for Nigerian Blog Awards sef.." It was a moment or two before I recalled that I had in fact left a comment on this site where some folks are organising awards for Nigerian blogs. It had struck me that the same small number of blogs were being nominated for all the categories, so I aired my view by leaving a comment and thought nothing more of it. While still on the phone with Iyke I navigated to that site. Iyke said he had responded to some other comment, saying that he knows that I really wouldn't bother about awards anyway. The twist however is that because Iyke had chosen to respond anonymously, the other commenters assumed that it was I who was responding to them. Read the comments if you can, I find it all quite amusing.

In truth, I'm not one for accolades. As one who never likes the spotlight, I did not start a blog to achieve notoriety or fame. My aim in writing this blog is to provide for myself a platform from which to speak my mind and speaking my mind is something I think I am quite good at. I think it is quite unlike me to leave an anonymous comment anywhere. I have never felt the need to hide my identity because I am proud of who I am. And unlike many others, I even use my real name on all of my postings everywhere. However, publicity does not appeal to me and I prefer to remain always in the background, so the idea of an award is anathema to my mind. In that sense Iyke was correct when he said he knows what my views are. Oh, there's no need to go back there to set the record straight. Let them have their fun.. :)


Sisi Yemmie ™ said... i want to go and see the whole thing...You shouldnt be worried tho

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Sis Yemms,

When I first saw you I thought you were my own Sis Yemms, but I was wrong. So now, I've got two Sis Yemmies.. :)

Worried?? I cant think of any reason why I should be worried, can you?

Hey, thanks for dropping in and for the follow too. :)

Sisi Yemmie ™ said...

Ure welcome ... I'd love to see this other sisi yemmie oh and yeah follow right

Anengiyefa said...

Well, I'd been to gistdotcom this morning, but I got distracted at work before I had the chance to click on "Follow this blog". So okay, I've followed right back. I even went one further by following on Twitter too.

The other Sis Yems is Yemisi my lovely niece. She follows me on Twitter..

So tell me o, is booboo from Grenada? I've got some Grenadian friends too, a family. And I know, they don't do Naija food! But there's one kind of spicy rice they cook with ginger, cajun hot pepper sauce and fish that is totally amazing. And their omelettes are just the best.. :)