Sunday, 25 July 2010

Having a good moan..

Some time ago I wrote on this blog about my elation at being appointed leader of the choir at my church. Since then, I have found myself more and more involved in other church affairs that have nothing at all to do with the choir or the music department.

A short while after my appointment as leader of the choir, I started to receive the odd message from the church authority commending me on my efforts in conducting the affairs of the choir. Then gradually, and even before I realised it, I found that I was spending more and more of my time engaged with church matters. So that unlike previously when I could afford to spend a lazy Saturday afternoon lounging in my housecoat, nowadays the weekend zips past before I even know it.

Being perhaps the oldest "unmarried" male in the congregation, I suppose it was natural for the church authority to see me as the right person to name as leader of the "young men's" group. When I think of it, its not as if I can correctly be said to be a "young man", or that there are none of the youngish married guys who are capable of taking on the responsibility of leader. In fact, quite a few of these married men are younger than me. But maybe the reasoning is that since I'm not married, I will have more in common with the majority among the young men, who like me are unmarried. I would like to tell them about John, but I don't know how to go about it..

Anyway, as if running the choir and heading the young men's group isn't enough, I have been appointed to every committee conceivable, (save for the church executive committee, which is reserved for the clergy and the elders). And as if just being on these committees isn't enough, the Pastor has seen to it that I lead the committees as well, whereas none of these appointments was made with my consent. How does one say NO to one's Pastor?

What has irked me now is my recent appointment as leader of the... wait for it...summer picnic organising committee! Now tell me, what would I know about organising a picnic for 50 odd people, many of them children? Fortunately, the other members of the committee are women, so surely they wouldn't be expecting me to be the one to work out how many loaves of bread are required to make the sandwiches. However, I still do have the responsibility of choosing a suitable site for the picnic in two weeks' time, which will of course entail driving around extensively, time which I would otherwise utilise more profitably sitting behind my desk.

This evening, Pastor rang me to check on the progress of our plans and preparations for the picnic. I had no answers to his questions because I've been so preoccupied with some difficult issues at work that I simply have not had the time to spare. Yesterday was taken up with choir stuff, in preparation for a service last night and the Sunday service today. I've spent this evening drafting documents for work that must be ready for first thing Monday morning.

What I find interesting is that working hard at my choir leader job has been to my disadvantage, because it has made me seem like a reliable pair of hands to which more responsibility can be entrusted. I wish I was more like some of the others who seem not to be interested in taking on any responsibility at all.


Akin said...

Hello Anengiyefa,

It appears we have the ingredients for an interesting situation written about in the Bible.

I see a sermon on the mount, a boy with loaves and the feeding of the many if not the thousands.

Find a mount for the picnic, miracles will follow for the loaves and take the choir for entertainment.

You have to find a way to say no, just because you are good at one thing does not mean you are good at all things - if the pastor cannot see that, maybe it is time for you to make that clear.

Spreading yourself too thin will suddenly feeling like some sandwiches have not been buttered - God forbid!

Just when everyone was expecting gourmet on the mount.

Divest and concentrate on your core responsibility - the choir.


Can say nothing more.



AlooFar said...

Maybe you'll become a Pastor, someday. Say Amen!

Mama Shujaa said...


I am not at all surprised that you have been bestowed the responsibility; your conscientious, hard-working nature shines through...

And especially with volunteer work, it is very difficult to find folks who actually act, who stay committed to the task.

But when your plate is full, it is full.

Could you possibly delegate the task of finding the picnic ground?

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Akin

Gourment may still be possible at this 'picnic on the mount' (when I finally find the mount that is), although I must not forget to take a couple of fish along too, since the miracle might not happen otherwise, despite all of my fervent prayer..

And yes you're right. Its up to me to point out to him that I'm not Superman. Anyway, this morning he sent me a message telling me to take things easy and not be in a rush etc.. I guess he sensed from the tone of my voice last evening that I wasn't exactly doing cartwheels at the prospect of organising a church picnic..

Anengiyefa said...

Hi AlooFar,

I'll consider becoming a Pastor some day only if someone assures me that all Pastors go to Heaven..

Anengiyefa said...

Hello Mama Shujaa

Thanks for thinking so highly of me..

As for delegating the task of finding a suitable location, this seems like a good idea. But seeing as all the other committee members are women with young children, I have found from experience that childcare is always a convenient excuse, a sandbag to take cover behind. So if I'm really serious about finding a place, then the sooner I got on with it the better, or else I might find myself still having to run around looking for a location with two days to go..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anengiyefa
Dont spread yourself too thin. I agree with Akin. Somtimes you should just say no. Just because one is single, does not equal to one does not have a life. I used to be involved in so many activities in church. One day it all came crashing down.

Anengiyefa said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks. Some good advice there..

AfroGay said...

The reason we can give is that we have something to give. Be careful not to give and give to a point where you have nothing left to give.

You sound like you have already said one 'yes' too many.

Anengiyefa said...

Hello AfroGay,

Yes, you're right. There comes a time when you just have nothing more to give and perhaps I'm arriving at that point now.

I'm going to have to summon the courage to start saying no then..