Friday, 8 April 2011

Kathy Lagoli and my blog stats..

A few days ago I posted on this blog a warning about spam emails that some person named Kathy Lagoli had sent out, apparently to anyone whose email address she/he could get hold of. Unbeknown to me at time of posting, the Lagoli person was sending the same emails that I'd received to many others and as is to be expected, many of these people went searching on Google for the name 'Kathy Lagoli', just as I had done. However, by this time my post was already on Google and many of those who went searching for Kathy Lagoli wound up on my blog. This blog's sitemeter statistics for today tell the story:

Things I feel strongly about
Site Summary
Average Per Day66
Average Visit Length4:29
Last Hour68
This Week460
Average Per Day153
Average Per Visit2.3
Last Hour80
This Week1,073

As is clear from the above, the average number of visitors that I would receive on this blog per day is 66. Yet as I typed this blog post, there had already been a record breaking 1,476 visitors to the blog today, a number that normally would amount to something like my monthly total. There was even one hour during the afternoon when 110 visitors visited the blog within the hour. And not surprisingly, 99.8 percent of all these visitors came looking for more information about Kathy Lagoli. The 55 comments that they left behind are testimony to the extent to which Kathy Lagoli's spam emails were circulated..


Anonymous said...

I'm curious, as someone who received two emails today from the same 'Kathy Lagoli', what does this person hope to gain? I assume there is no danger as I just deleted the emails without replying to them...

kitkat said...

smh @ kathy lagoli. i dnt read my spam mails. i jst delete 'em

Anengiyefa said...

Well, I suppose I owe Kathy Lagoli some thanks. She brought an unprecedented number of visitors to my blog over the last few days and from all over the world too.

Thanks to everyone who dropped in, had a look around and left a comment. Ciao.