Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Kathy Lagoli emails explained..

Although this is only a guess, I think it most likely explains the spam emails that many of us received recently from Kathy Lagoli. It is actually a comment left on this blog by an Anonymous visitor, on my original post about the Lagoli spam emails..


I have different email addresses for different purposes. Folks: There is no "Kathy" or "she." It's a BOT (automated computer program) that scrapes email addresses from a variety of sites (blogs, ebay ads, facebook business pages, etc.) and then sends a short message (and question) that it hopes sounds relevant enough for you to reply. If you reply, then it knows a human is reading emails sent to that address and you will start getting spam (Viagra ads etc.) sent to that email. Luckily those who google the name FIRST and discover this blog will know to "mark as spam" in your email program and never reply. It's that simple.

Makes sense to me guys..


Glen Green said...

My Kathy is a BOT? You mean she's not in in love with me?

Anengiyefa said...

Lol, not unless an automated computer programme is capable of falling in love..

Jamie Kline said...

Well I was stupid enough to reply to the email and my email was hacked. I happened to look at my sent emails and they sent a whole bunch of spam to everyone in my contact list. Not sure if it's connected, but kind of a weird coincidence.